March 11, 2011

A la puerta del cielo

This is one of my fav. lullabies. I sang "Please bless the children..." although the words of the lullaby in Spanish are "God bless the children..." Folks can sing whichever they please - God, Gods, Goddess, Please, Angels, Nature. So many lovely words to choose from (so many benefactors!).

A la puerta del cielo venden zapatos
Para los angelitos que andan descalzos
Duérmete, niño, duérmete, niño, duérmete, niño, arrú, rú, rú

A los niños que duermen Dios los bendice
A las madres que velan Dios las asiste
Duérmete, niño, duérmete, niño, duérmete, niño, arrú, rú, rú

At the gate of heaven little shoes they are selling,
For the little barefooted angels there dwelling,
Slumber, my baby (x3) Arru, ru, ru

Angels, bless the children so peacefully sleeping,
Angels, help the mothers whose love they are keeping,
Slumber, my baby (x3) Arru, ru, ru

Booklink: Yellow moon, apple moon, by Pamela Porter


Michele Pacey said...

So pretty this song. I've just discovered your blog after you visited mine and left such a great and thoughtful comment on it. So I want to thank for that, and thank you for leading me here too. I have a little boy who loves to be sung to. I will have to learn some of these songs for him.

Baroque Clouds said...

Michele, Thanks so very much for stopping... I hope I can inspire some song singing - as you inspire my senses with your magnificent art/craft work. Cheers to you :)

Jane Hathaway said...

Beautiful post, gorgeous song! Love it.

Baroque Clouds said...

Jane...Thank you very much for listening. Remember it's because of you that I took that Spanish class! Do you have any requests for future songs? Apparently one of my nephews wants me to sing a few songs, including the one with these lines: "to turn and to turn will be our delightful." (He's 4) So I may have to work on that one now :)