March 17, 2011

Butterfly song

Attribution: Traditional (to the best of my knowledge)

The original lyrics refer to a "Mrs. Perky Bird" instead of a butterfly - but um... I much prefer butterfly. Don't you? It gives children something to do with their hands. Frequently, I find them jumping right up and dancing, all natural-like. And very much like little butterflies themselves. When we sing "...and down to the ground..." they know to bring their little make-believe butterflies down to touch the floor. There's a lovely Folkmanis butterfly puppet which I use - handing it out to children as we sing the song a few times.

Good morning little butterfly,
butterfly, butterfly,
Good morning little butterfly,
where are you?
I'm flying in the air-the air,
the air-the air, the air-the air,
I'm flying in the air-the air,
and down to the ground.


Alison said...

You are so gorgeous! It has been too long since we've visited my friend.

I was showing this to a coworkers kid who came to visit and she was grinning the whole time.

Peace be with you!

Baroque Clouds said...

Sweet Alison, Thank you :) I owe you (over and over!) a very long letter. Thanks for stopping by...