March 19, 2011

Charlie Hope's Spring

Artist: Charlie Hope
Album: I'm Me
Attribution: Traditional

Okay. I wanted to wait until March 21st, the first day of spring, to post this, but couldn't resist. Charlie Hope has a sweet, sweet voice. You can hear full-length songs on the two albums she's produced right on her website. One of my favourite songs to teach young children - 3 or 4 years old - is Spring. As you'll see if you go have a listen, she doesn't need any musical accompaniment! That's how lovely her voice is. Do check out the tracks, and I'm quite sure you'll want to learn this sweet little song too. Enjoy! Enjoy!

Open the windows and open the doors
And let the fresh breezes blow in, blow in
Jack Frost has gone to his home in the north
And all of a sudden it's spring

Spring, spring, beautiful spring
Hear the good news that the robins bring
Old Mr. Winter, we'll see you again
But now it's a beautiful spring.

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