April 18, 2011

I walk in peace

I recently had the great fortune to stay at Blue Cliff Monastery, located in the Catskills region of New York State.

It was a beautiful, simple time. I learnt so many songs, thanks to the very patient monastic Brothers and Sisters there. They taught me songs in Vietnamese and English.

Here is a gaatha, a short poem, written by Joseph Emet, who is, himself, a teacher and student of Thich Nhat Hanh. I heard this song while staying at Blue Cliff, and when I looked it up through the Plum Village website, was blown away by the simplicity of Brother Phap Khoi's own rendition.

Please listen to his sweet voice here: The mind can go in a thousand directions.

I also offer up my own rendition. The pictures were taken at Blue Cliff Monastery. Wouldn't it be a lovely sight to see parents and children, holding hands, walking together, and singing some beautiful songs such as this? Enjoy! Enjoy!

The mind can go in a thousand directions
But on this lovely path I(we) walk in peace.
With each step, a gentle wind blows
With each step, a flower blooms.

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