May 2, 2011

Alan Mills - Up in a balloon

I discovered Alan Mills a few years ago while wandering through the online catalog of the Smithsonian Folkways website. Luckily, I was able to purchase some of his albums for children, including: 14 Numbers, Letters & Animal Songs, Animals Vol. 1, and More songs to grow on.

I still remember listening to his albums for the first time. His voice was rich, clear, and full of both warmth and humour. It was so apparent, simply from listening to the songs, that this man knew what he was about, and what he was doing. To quote a saying of my former teacher, Betsy Hearne, "simple does not equate simplistic."

Up in a balloon, boys, up in a balloon,
Sail around the little stars
And all around the moon.
Up in a balloon, boys, up in a balloon,
Won't we have a jolly time...
Up in a balloon.


This is a lovely little song to sing with a balloon, parachute, or with scarves. One could even, conceivably, share this song in a circle, with grown-ups holding, lifting or swinging their babies as they walk around in a circle. To swing the parachute about effectively, I'd be sure to come down with the fabric on "Won't we have a jolly time..." and then POP! up it goes on the last line of the song.

Enjoy singing today!


Michele Pacey said...

so sweet Kapila! i am in total agreement with your teacher. simple does not mean simplistic. sometimes less IS more.

Baroque Clouds said...

Hi Michele :) Your fabulous blog totally proves that less can be very much more! By the way, I'm going to have to post a non-song-related pic of something you inspired...more on this soon!

Michele Pacey said...

you're very sweet Kapila, and now you have me all curious... can't wait to see what you got!

Ashley Waring said...

Perfect, thank you for sharing! I am doing a storytime tomorrow about parties and balloons and have colored scarves that we often use for songs. Can't wait to try this out!

Baroque Clouds said...

Hey Ashley, I'm glad you found the song useful! I hope your event went splendidly. Cheers.