May 28, 2011

Craft thing No. 2

Sarah, the kids and I have been working hard lately getting the children's cloister garden shaped-up in time for the summer and for our upcoming garden party. A while back, based on Michele's post on Wallflowers, I ended up making this for the library bulletin board.

Down below are all the donations we've been receiving all spring long, contained by Sarah's very own gate-out-of-boxes gate.

Closer up, the flowers frame the children's artwork so splendidly.

Michele was somehow able to glue the pieces together in such a way that gave the final shape a balanced, even feel. But how on earth did you manage to do this, Michele? I found myself getting increasingly frustrated with glue, sticky fingers and warped I took the easier way out and used (re-usable) paperclips instead.

And you know, I rather like how they look on the paper...

Don't you?


Michele Pacey said...

I finally got here... It took me awhile for some reason... Your wallflowers are sweet. Very boisterous in those beautiful colours! Did you have problems glueing them together? It does take a fair amount of glue (maybe I should amend my tutorial to clarify that). I like how you managed with the paper clips, Kapila. Yay for ingenuity!

Michele Pacey said...

Oh I forgot to mention... On occasion, I do a round-up of posts that were inspired by some of the things I make. Would it be okay if I borrow a pic and link to this post and your site sometime? I'm due for such a post in the next couple of weeks.

Let me know if that's okay.


Baroque Clouds said...

Yessssss the gluing was beyond my crafty capacity! And yesss of course you're so welcome to use the images, Michele. I am planning actually on experimenting with box-paper-chain cursive writing for a sign...being inspired by you and your ilk has made me bold!