July 25, 2011

¡Que linda la manita!

There are storytellers, I have heard, who can draw animals into their midsts as an audience through the power of their telling. I met one storyteller who told me of a time when he was practicing a story by the side of a little pond, and when he opened his eyes after the story was told, there were a number of frogs who hadn't been there minutes before, sitting there in front of him. There was a storyteller who told of a wise elder in the Pacific Northwest, who could summon crows with her words and her singing.

We know that there is more to the world than meets the eyes. Such experiences really meet the heart first. Although I haven't had the graceful presence of animals bestowing attention on my stories, I have had the marvellous fortune of sharing my small little life with a cat who, without any doubt, loves music.

This is Cybil. She is 17 years old. A true Lady, as you shall see presently...

This is a little fingerplay to share with small infants, who are still trying to focus their eyes on objects in front of them. Thus, we wave our hands and fingers gently in front of little ones. We may also clap our hands, or hold little ones' hands in ours as we sing the song.

¡Que linda la manita que tiene mi bebe!
¡Que linda! ¡Que bella!
¡Que bonita es!

How lovely is the little hand that belongs to my baby...
How nice, how beautiful, how good it is!

Suni Paz has a beautiful and simple rendition of this song in her album: Alerta sings songs for the playground.


Michele Pacey said...

i wish i had an affinity for animals but this is something i really struggle with... i seem to have a latent fear or something... i don't really understand it.

Baroque Clouds said...

Really, Michele?! Somehow I find that so surprising :) Any animals, or just cats? It takes all kinds to make a world though and you are perfect as you are!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely listener.
I love and miss cybie long legs.
Maybe I should try with Herbie, Karl and Kimmy. :)

Baroque Clouds said...

Anon, Thank you!! And who knows maybe you'll unlock the secret music aficionados in Herbie, Karl and Kimmy! Let me know :)