July 1, 2011

Thank you Tony Kornheiser

Confession: I don't watch much news - I find it increasingly sobering, the older I get. I figure, if I really need to know about something important, someone will tell me (Incidentally, I feel this way about cell phones too: if I really, really need to use a phone, someone else is bound to have one!).

In the past few years though, thanks to AML, I have developed a real appreciation for sports news and analysis. I'm particularly fond of both kinds of football, and basketball, once again, thanks to AML, although I am still a wimp and can't watch games when the teams I am rooting for are losing.

What I love about shows like ESPN's First Take, Around the Horn, Mike & Mike in the Morning, and PTI is that they're informative, lighthearted and very often, quite funny. It goes without saying that watching sports and sports news is a wonderful way to stay connected in the lives of boys and men, which is important in a field dominated by women.

So, I want to extend a personal thank you to Tony Kornheiser, pictured below with co-host Michael Wilbon...

...because last night, Kornheiser shared this little high-five gem with Wilbon, for no apparent reason:

Up high... (raise arm and hand up for a high five)
Down low...
Cut the pickle... (touch your two forefingers together)
Tickle tickle...

That last bit about tickling spooked Wilbon, but I'll bet any 3-6 year old kid will enjoy it. Proof positive that inspiration for fun and enjoyment with kids can come from any-which-way!

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