February 26, 2012

Skinnamarink - the song that started most of all this

It's true. It is! And I'm not even sure how I started singing this song, but it fit so perfectly at the beginning of my programs and at the ends of them, so I'd sing it with parents and children until I was sick of singing it.

Then I'd stop for a while, and then I'd sing it again. And the only reason that I've continued singing it is because it continues to be so incredibly singable amongst all kinds of people. It has some of the best and most important elements in children's music: strong rhythm, repetition, simple words, rhymes, hand motions, happiness, and nonsense.

Here are the chords for you, Flora :)

G Gdim G Gdim
G Gb Gdim D (Am7)
D Am7 D Am7
D Am7 G

G G7 C
A D Am7

G Gdim G E7


carolynsuetoo said...

I just saw your tutorial on the youtube. Thanks! I am teaching myself guitar and have been searching the net to find songs that I can play, given my skill level!!! You are really cute. Good luck to you.

Baroque Clouds said...

Dear Carolyn, I'm happy that you found the video, and I do hope that it was useful! Thank you for the love :D Keep making music!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this! And for anyone with access to an ukulele and looking for super simple beginning guitar chords:

G, C, G, C
G, C, D7
D, D7, C, D7
C, D7, G

G, C
A7, D7
G, C, G, C
D7, G