May 6, 2012


Here is a sweet and simple rima en español to share with children. It's easy even for those of us unlucky enough not to know how to speak Spanish!

Like this:

Tortillitas, tortillitas, tortillitas para mamá

Tortillitas, tortillitas, tortillitas para papá
Las quemaditas, las quemaditas, las quemaditas para mamá
Las bonitas, las bonitas, ¡las bonitas para papá!

A translation: Little tortillas for mother / for father / The burnt ones for mother / The nice ones (!) for father. Interestingly enough, this idea of leaving the scraps for mother extends to at least one other culture's nursery rhyme: Here's one from the Shona, only half of which I remember: Nyama ku varume; supu ku vakadzi; mabonzo kuvana -- meat for the men, soup for the women, the bones for the kids!

Teaching folks, a lovely thing to do when introducing this rhyme with children is to cut out oval pieces of felt, some in light brown and some in a darker brown, and allow the children to slap their felt tortillas around. It gives them something substantial to hold onto, adds a gross/fine motor skill to the mix, and I think it helps them concentrate when they do the rhyme. You could then ask: ¿Quién tiene las quemaditas? ¿Quién tiene las bonitas? 

It's simple and it works. Hope you can try it out and when you do, please let me know how it goes!

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