Hello there

Hello. My name is Kapila Sankaran Love. Here's a picture of me gazing at a vine in Inwood Park:


I live in New York City, in Washington Heights.  

And I work in a suburban New York town library, as a children's librarian.

I share my life with a fabulous person, three felines aged 17, 8 and 3, and various plants.  

I love to sing, hike, knit, craft, fiddle around with instruments, gaze at the world, listen to friends, nap, and laugh. Other than this, I'm rather quiet. 

I put together this blog to help folks who work with children learn and use and share anything musical.

I hope you enjoy your little stay here...and won't you tell me, please, if you have any song requests? Or new songs to teach and share? I would love to hear from you...

baroqueclouds (@) gmail.com

Have yourself a lovely day...